The Lupus

A pack a wolves trying to survive in the cold wilderness of Russia, however they risk hunters on their tails each day. Will they survive? Or fail?

    The Lupus Plot


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    The Lupus Plot

    Post by Aviator. on Tue Apr 12, 2016 12:27 pm

        wolves have been around for quite a long time, thriving by hunting, growing, and fighting to protect what is rightfully theirs. bounding through snow, grassy fields and summer meadows were a part of a wolf's life, eating whenever they very well please and hunting whatever they wish... and the humans did not like it, so what was there to do? ; hunt them.however in the year of 2023, a new law passed through europe and soon the united states; hunting wolves was now a federal crime and to be caught lead to the punishment of life in prison or even death. in just a few months the population of wolves grew twice as large and the amount of prey and even livestock in the states and europe deceased rapidly. some might say it was out of in the year of 2024, the law has been dropped and wolves are now able to hunt. though one pack, sitting in somewhere in the middle of russia, has yet to be found and maintains a happy life. however, hunters are still looking for them, and no matter how good we are at hiding, running, or fending ourselves we risk getting killed out of no where and skinned for the humans own guilty pleasure.will you help fight back? or will you find yourself on a coat rack?

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