The Lupus

A pack a wolves trying to survive in the cold wilderness of Russia, however they risk hunters on their tails each day. Will they survive? Or fail?

    The Lupus [Rules]


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    The Lupus [Rules]

    Post by Aviator. on Tue Apr 12, 2016 1:01 pm

    [ i. ] please post any out of character posts or forms in the character form section
    [ ii. ] please include a first name and last name for your character, you must have a gender, age, ranking and some personality. (and an image)
    [ iii. ] please have at least ten well written sentences each post you make when roleplaying.
    [ iv. ] please do not have signatures when roleplaying.
    [ v. ] please do not powerplay/control someone else's character.
    [ vi. ] i'd prefer if you kept detail of mating scenes to a minimum, but you do not have to fade to black if do don't wish.
    [ vii. ] this is a mature, semi literate site, that means you must be at least fourteen years or older and have some experience roleplaying!

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